Customised Accident & Health Products

Pilots loss of licence insurance

This is probably the most important cover that a pilot can have. Pilots are only too aware that some relatively insignificant health problems which would not stop most desk-based employees from working can result in a pilot having their medical certificate to fly being suspended either temporarily or permanently.

Pilot Loss of Licence or Income Protection is designed to replace a pilot’s monthly income while unable to work or provide a lump sum benefit to help if a pilot’s flying career comes to an abrupt end for health reasons. The types of cover Strategic Underwriting offer are permanent loss of licence (lump sum) and temporary loss of licence (monthly benefits) in the event of illness or accident. Most pilots prefer both types of benefit to pay off larger loans plus shorter term monthly expenses.

Strategic Underwriting can also offer ‘top up’ cover to existing group scheme policies or accidental death and disablement benefits. All products are available to both Fixed and Rotary Wing pilots and can be tailored to accommodate Pilot Awards and Enterprise Agreements.

Equestrian personal accident

Horse riding is a popular sport and enjoyable recreational activity but it’s not without its risk to serious injuries from falling, crushing, kicking and biting. These types of incidents don’t just happen to the young or inexperienced riders, accidents can happen to anyone regardless of level of experience, type of activity, controls in place and protective gear.

With the help of horse enthusiasts who understand the equine industry, Strategic Underwriting developed a comprehensive Equine Personal Accident policy to ensure appropriate cover is in place when injuries happen. Strategic Underwriting’s standard benefits include Accidental Death and Disablement and Loss of Income. In addition, Strategic Underwriting can provide a wide range of ‘add on’ benefits such as non-medicare medical, fractured bones, dental and funeral, to name a few.

Strategic Underwriting also offer Equestrian Travel Insurance to riders who compete in overseas Equestrian activities.

Association leisure travel

When it comes to travel insurance for Associations, it can be difficult to find a policy that meets the specific needs of members. This is particularly relevant in circumstances where members are of a higher age demographic, compete in sporting events or participate in hazardous activities.

These groups are not easily accommodated in the general travel market so we focus on aligning our products to meet tailored requirements. For Associations with a high membership base, our products can be supported with ‘white labelling’ plus quote and bind technology distributed directly through an Associations website.

Strategic Underwriting products include the standard benefits found in general market policies but with ‘add on’ features to provide peace of mind that comprehensive cover is in place whilst travelling.

Tailored group employee benefits

Now more than ever, employees want choices and flexibility, especially when it involves their benefit packages. In addition to lump sum and weekly benefits, Strategic Underwriting offers supplementary cover for injury or sickness resulting in surgery, fractured bones, loss or damage to teeth, lifestyle and corporate protection. Our flexible approach to product design provides the freedom to tailor a product to a customer’s exact needs.

Target markets

Strategic Underwriting works across all types of industries and can provide solutions for distressed accounts, niche or high risk occupations that find it challenging to obtain comprehensive, cost effective and sustainable solutions.

Strategic underwriting was established to develop personalised Accident and Health insurance products quickly and effectively for niche markets, overcoming many of the limitations that can be experienced with more traditional markets.

Central to our philosophy is working with intermediaries that are seeking product customization for their clients who have a unique set of demands or needs. We understand the importance of differentiation to win customers.


With over 30 years of International Accident and Health Insurance industry knowledge, in a diverse range of occupational and activity groups, Strategic Underwriting is your answer for bespoke accident and health insurance product solutions.


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